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Established in 2001, Suifenhe Wanfengyuan Economic and Trade Co.,Ltd(formerly Harbin deyang chemical Co.,Ltd, founded in 1999) is a leading manufacturer of lignosulfonates in China and excellent importer, exporter and distributor of Lubricant & lubricant additives. It registered in biggest border port—Suifenhe.
Located in Northeast China, our plant’s annual production ability of lignosulfonates is upto 6000mts. We have two manufacturing sites, and over 60 staff. Our sales office is in capital city Harbin of Heilongjiang province, and has branches and offices in chemical trade concentrated areas, like Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai and Suifenhe.
At the very beginning, we enter lubricant and additive industry step by step by supplying raw materials and base oil relative products. We are very good at promoting new products to China market. Through many years’ experience in China lubricant industry, we get very confident and confirm our method in developing our company in this field.
Company’s progress
In 2001, Suifenhe Wanfengyuan Economic and Trade Co., Ltd(herein after called Wanfy chemical). established, and get import and export right from China international trade Bureau

From 2001 to 2004, we specialize in promoting Russian origin petrochemicals, lubricant additive raw material and base oil to China market. We keep leading the market and are the first importer of Russian phenol. We set branches and offices in chemical trade concentrated areas, like Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai and Suifenhe.

In 2005, we start import Poland origin Dodecylphenol(DDP).
In 2007, we invest in Lignosulfonate production and expand export business for this chemical to overseas big company and win many tenders. Our big customers includes Global drilling fluids and chemicals in India; Messina company in US and Myanma oil and gas enterprises in Myanmar. Through wonderful promotion, our annual export quantity exceeds 1000mts and win customers all over the world.

In 2008, we win LANZHOU LUBRIZOL LANLIAN ADDITIVE CO. LTD.(the joint venture of Chinapetrol and Lubrizol) by supplying them Dodecylphenol, which is the main raw material for lubricant detergent.

In 2008, we import first lot of PAO(poly alpha olefin, VI oil) from OAO TATNEFT. At that time, PAO is a new product in China market; we store them for over 2 years, but never give up. We visit all the customer who might use this kind of chemical, send them samples, introduce advantages and promote PAO through exhibition, magazine and websites. Through our efforts, China market starts to accept PAO.

In 2009, we established cooperation with Sinochem by supplying them TDAE, base oil and other chemicals. In this year, our dodecylphenol sales quantity exceeds 1500mts. We have successfully promoted DDP to all Chinese lubricant component plant, takes over 60% Chinese market.

In 2010, we directly import antioxidant BHT from «СТЕРЛИТАМАКСКИЙ НЕФТЕХИМИЧЕСКИЙ». In short time, we promote this product to Chinese market. Our monthly requirement of antioxidant is over 200mts.
For this year, Poland plant authorize exclusive agent for dodecylphenol to us.  Russian plant gives us exclusive agent certificate for PAO.

In 2011, «СТЕРЛИТАМАКСКИЙ НЕФТЕХИМИЧЕСКИЙ» give us northeast regional exclusive agent for antioxidant BHT. In August, we signed long-term sales contract with «Лукойл» - ООО «ЛЛК-Интернешнл» for III base oil VHVI-4. Also in 2011, We become a member of  Professional committee of additive of Shanghai Lubricant trade association.
Our advantages

  • Good relationship with China big oil&lubricant companies.

 We have cooperated with Sinopecgroup and Sinochem for over 5 years, who supplied technology to domestic lubricant additive companies. Our main customer include Shanghai High-Lube Additives Co. Ltd , which is a joint venture Company invested by sinopec and Infineum and LANZHOU LUBRIZOL LANLIAN ADDITIVE CO. LTD.(the joint venture of chinapetrol and Lubrizol) . All lubricating oil components production plants in China are our customers.

  • Good relationship with overseas suppliers


  • Supply super service to our customers and suppliers

We employ one of famous technician (one of founder of lubricant additive and main responsible person of lubricant additive office of China petrochemical study institution) and supply technical support(the instructor of lubricant ingredient) to our customers. When meet quality problem, we actively negotiate with supplier and help them solve the problem in easy way. When go through bad economy time, we never give up, keep importing and keep some reasonable storage to share risks with our suppliers. We never break signed contract, even during price dropping time, because keep good reputation is our principle.

  • Serialization of products

By grouping our product, we highlight our comprehensive supply ability. For lubricating oil additive raw material, we have alpha olefin and dodecylphenol and heavy alkyl benzene; for lubricant additive, we have antioxidant, pour point depressant; for base oil, we have Isoparaffin base oil VHVI-4 and PAO. Nearly all Base oil buyers could buy lubricant additive from us, so comprehensive products are one of our big advantage.

  • Synthetic trade ability

We supplied China lubricant and lubricant additive plant raw material, at the same time, help them export lubricant additive, so that we have advantages in Lube additive markets in China.

  • Innovation in selecting products

The right selection of import products is the key to success. Through fully research of domestic chemical markets, we gradually form continuously innovation methods in product selection, after 15 times’ innovation, we become the leading company that first imports Russian chemicals to China market.
With strong professional sales team, serializing products, high quality products and competitive price, we spread our business widely. Enjoying good reputation domestic and abroad, we pursue long term cooperation with potential partners.  

Postcode: 150090. Address: A6-7, Huanghe Lvyuan Residential Quarter, 99th Huanghe Rd., Nangang Dist., Harbin, 150090, China